Alexander Mchedlishvili

University of Bremen
Institute of Environmental Physics
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Building NW1, office N3200, phone +49-421-218-62172

Curriculum Vitae and Research Interests

Alexander Mchedlishvili received his BSc at Jacobs University Bremen in 2018 and his MSc at Universität Bremen in 2020. He wrote his thesis on the Weddell Sea Polynya Sea Ice Thickness Analysis in the IUP group: Remote Sensing of Polar Regions. He currently continues to work with them as a PhD student.

He is continuing work done by Dmitrii Murashkin on the lead-fraction Sentinel-1 SAR data retrieval as well as researching the development of a ICESat-2 Sea Ice Roughness data product, his main research interest is the influence of ice surface roughness on the ice/ocean and atmosphere energy and momentum exchange.