Janna Rückert

University of Bremen
Institute of Environmental Physics
Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Building NW1, office N3375, phone +49-421-218-62183
Email: janna.rueckert(at)uni-bremen.de 


Janna Rückert received both her BSc & MSc degree in physics from the TU Dresden in 2015 and 2018, respectively. She was working in the Center for Advanced Electronics within the group for Computational Nanoelectronics before she moved to the chair of Condensed Matter Theory for her master thesis. Here, she investigated Majorana modes in topological superconductors with Prof. Carsten Timm. She worked as a research assistant in his group in 2019 before she became part of IUP in April 2020.

Working in the polar remote sensing group, her main research interest is the influence of water vapour in the atmosphere on Arctic amplification. Her PhD is integrated in the (AC)³ project (http://www.ac3-tr.de/).
She is eager to contribute to understanding our Earth better, combining her expertise in theoretical physics with curiosity and concerns about a changing climate.


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