Daily AMSR2 Sea ice concentrations



2019 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum

September is the month when the yearly Arctic minimum sea ice extent will be reached. Here we are tracking this year's development. In the year 2019, the lowest extent was 3.8 million square kilometers, and it occurred on 3rd September, and from 14th to 18th September.


Seasonal Cycle

Diagram: Arctic sea ice extent during previous 7 years

Time Series

Diagram: Arctic sea ice extent since 1972
The maps and time series show a comparison of current ice conditions to previous years. Sea ice extent is the total area of at least 15% ice concentration. Satellite data is available since 1972. More information can be found under Time Series.


RV Polarstern

Sea ice concentration map of the Arctic Sea ice concentration map for the vicinity of RV Polarstern
Left image: Arctic-wide daily mean merged MODIS-AMSR2 sea-ice concentration. Right image: Sea-ice concentration in the vicinity (800 by 800 km) of RV Polarstern. The data are transmitted daily to RV Polarstern during the MOSAiC international Arctic drift expedition ( Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate). More details about the merged MODIS and AMSR2 dataset can be found here: Ludwig et al., The Cryosphere, doi:10.5194/tc-13-2051-2019, 2019

Daily Ice Thickness and RV Polarstern Position

SMOS Thin Sea Ice Thickness

RV Polarstern

thickness of thin sea ice RV Polarstern