Sea Ice Conditions Today

On this website you find sea ice datasets from satellite remote sensing observations produced at the University of Bremen. All datasets are research products provided without liability.

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Daily AMSR2 Sea ice concentrations



Daily Melt Pond Fraction from Sentinel-3 OLCI

Most recent melt pond fraction map from Sentinel-3. Arctic sea ice melt started early this year: massive ponding of up to 80% melt pond fraction observed on 01.06.2021 on the landfast ice in the Laptev/East Siberian Sea by ESA OLCI onboard Sentinel-3 and confirmed by NASA Worldview MODIS. White areas are clouds. From now on we are retrieving daily Arctic melt pond fractions using near-real time Sentinel-3 products.

Daily Ice Thickness and RV Polarstern Position

SMOS Thin Sea Ice Thickness

RV Polarstern

thickness of thin sea ice RV Polarstern