Daily AMSR2 Sea ice concentrations



2022-10-08 New SMOS/SMAP dataset

We released a new dataset version 300 of the SMOS/SMAP thin sea ice thickness data in our data browser. SMAP data is currently not available (since 6th of August 2022) so that our NRT product only includes SMOS data.


Changes compared to the previous version 205 are

  • updated projection information for better GIS compatibility
  • fixed slight grid shift to match official NSIDC north polar stereo grid coordinates
  • fixed issue with missing SMAP data in products after September 2021
  • updated to latest released SMAP L1B data (17000 to 18290)


update (8th Nov 2022): SMAP data is available from 5th of October 2022 again and included in our v300 product.

Daily Ice Thickness and RV Polarstern Position

SMOS Thin Sea Ice Thickness

RV Polarstern

thickness of thin sea ice RV Polarstern