New version of merged MODIS-AMSR2 sea-ice concentration dataset available starting May 02, 2021

As of May 02, 2021, a new and improved version of the merged MODIS-AMSR2 sea-ice concentration (SIC) dataset is provided. The changes comprise:

  • an uncertainty estimate for the merged SIC which has been added as additional field to the netCDF file.
  • a stricter MODIS cloud masking. Now, only pixels which are labeled "confident clear" are accepted, while previously all pixels which were not labeled "confident cloudy" were accepted.
  • a new threshold for the MODIS ice tie-point: Now, MODIS SIC are only retrieved for pixels with an ice tie-point beneath 266.5 K, while the previous threshold was 270 K.

The entire dataset is being updated to the new version, but as of now only data after May 2nd are available in the new version. The changes are described in more detail in Ludwig et al., 2020. The daily mean merged SIC and uncertainty are available publically. A netCDF file with the daily mean, daily mean uncertainty, daily standard deviation and daily number of measurements for each pixel is available upon request. The same holds for netCDF files of the merged, MODIS and AMSR2 SIC of single overflights. Questions can be directed to vludwig(at)

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