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On this website you find sea ice datasets from satellite remote sensing observations produced at the University of Bremen. All datasets are research products provided without liability.

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Arctic Sea Ice Minimum 2021

September is the month when the yearly Arctic minimum sea ice extent is reached. Here we are showing this year's development. In the year 2021, from our sea ice extent time series the lowest extent of 4.8 million square kilometers was observed on 11th September.

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The maps and time series show a comparison of current ice conditions to previous years. Sea ice extent is the total area of at least 15% ice concentration. Satellite data is available since 1972. More information can be found under Time Series.

2021 Sea Ice Minimum with "Blue Marble" MODIS data (NASA Earth Observatory) as background.
Sea ice extent minimum in September 2021 from AMSR-2 89 GHz observations (6.25 km grid resolution). The climatological ice extent (red) and lowest minimum in 2012 (orange) are shown for comparison.
Seasonal cycle of ice extent in 2021 in comparison to the previous five years, the lowest minimum in 2012, and the climatology 1972–2020 8dashed line).
Time series of Arctic sea ice extent from 1972 to 2021.

Daily AMSR2 Sea ice concentrations



Daily Ice Thickness and RV Polarstern Position

SMOS Thin Sea Ice Thickness

RV Polarstern

thickness of thin sea ice RV Polarstern